About Me

Hello, I’m Dagmar and I’m really happy you are here!

I am Czech girl in the world. And I love food. A lot.

And I would like to share this passion of mine along with my love for travel and everything in between.

Most of the recipes you will find on this site are paleo but it doesn’t mean that I don’t eat anything else. Especially while traveling I want to try EVERYTHING, enjoy the authentic treasures of different countries and not worry if I’ve broken some rule or didn’t hit my macros. And I put some full fat milk in my coffee. And I love all the gluten goodies. There you go.

But with whole foods I feel at my best. So everyday I´m trying to do better. I could easily have pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner and not get sick of it (really). But I also want to be a happy and healthy person. So I’m here not only to share recipes for real meals with you but also to remind myself that this is the road I have decided to take.


Apologies in advance for any misspelling or small errors in grammar as I’m not a native English speaker. I’m still learning (and always will be) so please bear with me.


Would like to know more? See my story here.