Whole30 Day 19 – I Don’t Miss Chocolate So Much

Yesterday I couldn’t concentrate on anything and couldn’t think straight. And even though things are unfortunately not better and the sadness and bad conscience from being so far from home are still here, at least I have clearer mind today. I think saying things out loud (in my case writing them down) helped my mind a little bit. But as I needed to share those feelings yesterday, I can’t do it today. They are just too deep and too personal at this moment.

But I’m able to write about my daily life with the Whole30 again. Leastwise I have something to put my energy into. But to be completely honest, the Whole30 is being easier than ever these two last days. I don’t really care about the unallowed foods anymore. Normally I would probably reach for a decent piece of chocolate when I’m sad. Or a big glass of wine. I don’t feel like it these days. I’m fine with the meals that I’m having.


Although I really had to change the brekky game a little bit. Spice things up. So I bought probably the most expensive hot dogs in the entire universe. James nearly fell out of his chair when I finally told him how much they actually cost. I saved them in the fridge for entire week, waiting for some special occasion, before ceremonially opening them this morning. Not that today is a special day. But it’s a Friday. That’s not bad for starters. And I just couldn’t wait to try this grossly overpriced product. And man, they are delish. Despite the fact that including them in our regular diet would probably leave us being able to enjoy only one meal a day or go totally broke. I am still happy that I bought them. I might buy them again one day. But probably not before the tic in James’s eye disappears.

Whole 30 Day 19 - Breakfast

After this very satisfying breakfast, composed of the high class small-diamond-cost hot dogs, cauliflower and broccoli mash with a bit of fried zucchini and tomato, James was ready for work and I decided that there is time for coffee, blog work and some shopping. I don’t know why but James’s tic seemed to get worse. He actually tried to lay hold of my credit card before dropping me off at the shopping centre. I think he was a bit hysterical, I just wanted to get coffee, some nut spread and cauliflower rice. No big deal.

Whole 30 Day 19 - Shopping

I started with the coffee and typing, the spendings close to nothing (if you haven’t noticed yet, there is a recipe for the delicious Thai Tom Kha Gai online now). But then food shopping happened. I just love food shopping, you know? It’s so much more fun than trying new clothes on or picking new cosmetics. Of course I don’t mind that sometimes, but there really has to be the right mindset. It seems like I always feel like the food shopping though. Every time discovering something that I really really need. Well, it’s for my health, right? Although in order to maintain my own health as well as my husband’s, I hope he didn’t check my Insta stories yet and wouldn’t see this picture. I think I really need to start working so I don’t have so much time on my own.


Since it’s raining the whole day and the weather is being least welcoming, I made myself some soup. Adaptation to the Butternut Squash Cream Soup with Turmeric, adding bitter melon instead of celeriac and also some dried kelp in the end. Because soup heals the soul. Or at least makes you warm. And this one with turmeric just makes the day brighter, don’t you think?

Whole 30 Day 19 - Lunch

As I didn’t feel like going outside in the weather but felt like some slight movement, I did a bit of yoga this afternoon. And since I’m being a bit slack in my home practice these days, I really surprised myself with the ease I could flow through the poses and actually being able to do some of them for the first time in my life.

Maybe the time has come when I could visit a yoga studio. I actually never went to any yoga class. Ever. I just don’t feel like I am a real yogi. First of all, I love meat. And then I don’t like too much of meditation and too much of the spiritual stuff. I just like yoga mostly as an exercise. And it seems that it’s totally fine in Australia to feel like that. Back home I just felt like I should be wearing organic vegan clothes and do regular colon cleanses just to enjoy a bit of yoga. In Australia, there are yoga classes everywhere and for everyone, no matter how much Sanskrit do you speak. Maybe the time for socialising with other people has come too.


Luckily I bought the zucchini noodles this morning. Because we had a Bolognese for dinner. Aha. So it turns out that I am not so bad with the food shopping after all. I do know what I need. I’m pretty proud of my food shopping skills actually.

Whole 30 Day 19 - Dinner

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