Lopburi, Thailand – Welcome To The Monkey City

real online dating app If you are planning to visit Autthaya, you should hop on the train after and make one more stop in this small city near by. Lopburi is an ancient capital and actually one of the oldest towns in Thailand. It’s history going back more than 1000 years back. However nowadays it’s mostly known for a bit different reason than in the history. Lopburi is popular among the travellers because of the cheeky little monkeys sharing the city with humans.

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source site Occupying mainly the Prang Sam Yot, a three-pronged Khmer ruin in the middle of the town, but the nearby surroundings as well. You can actually see monkeys everywhere here, running across the roads, climbing the power lines… Locals are so used to their little company that they are not even surprised when a monkey jump on a roof of their car or climb their balcony. However, I would definitely recommend being cautious around these little creatures. They can be very cheeky (and if you make them angry then even dangerous). So make sure that your bags are properly zipped up and do not feed the monkeys or touch them.

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here If you are travelling from Bangkok to north of Thailand, you should definitely make at least couple stops on your way. First in Ayutthaya – I would reccmmend saving at least one full day for this astounding heritage. And then here in Lopburi – for most travellers few hours would be enough to explore this little town. single app iphone kostenlos The easiest way is to take an ordinary train to visit Ayutthaya and Lopburi from Bangkok. And then an overnight train with bunks to Chiang Mai if you are travelling further.

paruvendu 86 rencontre For the overnight train I would definitely reccomend buying tickets few days in advance as it’s very popular, not only among tourists but Thais at a same level. For train from Bangkok to Ayutthaya and then further to Lopburi, you can buy tickets at the station on the same day without a problem. You can also visit the official website railway.co.th or seat61.com, which has many useful information.

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Lopburi, Thailand

Lopburi, Thailand

Lopburi, Thailand

Lopburi, Thailand

Lopburi, Thailand

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