Whole30 Day 23 – Chasing The Turkeys

Whole30 Day 23 - Sunrise

One more day with a delay, as I was just deadly tired last night, unable to type anymore. Which sounds funny considering the fact that I bundled up myself in the sleeping bag at 8 pm on Monday. But it’s nice to listen to your body clock sometimes. And maybe think ahead a little bit. Because I realised early enough there was no way we could sleep in on the hard ground under the tent. But I had the best time camping in Binna Burra this Monday and Tuesday. It was extremely relaxing. Well, at least if I’ll omit the turkeys.

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Whole30 Day 22 – Unplugged Under The Stars

Whole30 Day 22 - Break

I’m back! If you wondered why I haven’t posted a journal from day 22, it’s because we were camping at Binna Burra in Lamington National Park. And I found it slightly inappropriate to take my computer there. It would be pretty pathetic, if I would stare in the screen instead of watching the stars, don’t you think? And at least I know that I’m not that addicted to social media and technical achievements of modern times. I managed to survive over 24 hours without posting a single thing. Or even checking Instagram. The world won’t forget about you, if you skip Instagram for one day. It’s good to remind yourself every now and then. And that’s at least refreshing. Not only I have a great mood, but the tic in my eye is gone too.

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Whole30 Day 21 – Self-Torture

Whole30 Day 21 - Paniyiri

Three weeks in! And honestly, it gets easier and easier. Well, if you read yesterday’s notes, you could notice that I still have some bad days according to mood. But otherwise I feel good. I sleep like a baby. I also have quite a lot of energy during the day. And what the biggest improvement is that the cravings are smaller and less tempting every day. Which I actually tested a big time today. Because I spent a whole afternoon at the Paniyiri Greek Festival. If you ever visited, you would know that it’s approximately 90% about the delicious Greek food. And of course after that come some traditions, dancing performances, competitions and so on. But you can easily say that Greeks like to eat.

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Whole30 Day 20 – Apartment Hunt Sucks

Whole 30 Day 19 - Haunted Spot

Once in a while awful anxiety overwhelms my mind badly and changes the easy-going optimistic girl to the biggest drama queen in the world. Of course it doesn’t come from nowhere. But I am usually good dealing with little things. Even with some big things, still keeping my mind straight. But it has to be only few of them at a time. Because when they build up and the boundaries are exceeded I just can’t control myself. I would burst out. I would cry and shout and give some people very hard time. Thankfully it happens only once in a blue moon, otherwise I probably wouldn’t be married anymore.

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Whole30 Day 19 – I Don’t Miss Chocolate So Much

Whole 30 Day 19 - Shopping

Yesterday I couldn’t concentrate on anything and couldn’t think straight. And even though things are unfortunately not better and the sadness and bad conscience from being so far from home are still here, at least I have clearer mind today. I think saying things out loud (in my case writing them down) helped my mind a little bit. But as I needed to share those feelings yesterday, I can’t do it today. They are just too deep and too personal at this moment.

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Tom Kha Gai (Thai Chicken Soup With Coconut Milk)

Tom Kha Gai (Thai Chicken Soup With Coconut Milk)

I always loved to try new meals and ingredients when possible. But it wasn’t so easy at all the times. Just so you know, I am from a small Czech town with 7000 residents, where the new is not accepted so easily sometimes. Just for example, apart from Czech restaurants, we have one Chinese restaurant and few pizza places in my hometown. And that’s as far as the curiosity of new things can get. I believe that these days it might be better and the young people are more open to the new flavours. But it will probably still take some time before the food mentality changes here.

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Whole30 Day 18 – Sad And Far Away

Whole30 Day 18 - By The Water

Unfortunately not many positive vibes here today. I got very sad news from home this morning. Finding out that my beloved grandma’s health condition is not good at all. It left me unable to concentrate on anything the whole day. I tried to cook and I tried to write. And I spend as much time in the nature as possible. Do the things I like, just to occupy my mind.

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Whole30 Day 17 – All About Chicken

Whole30 Day 17 - Coffee

I woke up at 6:45 this morning. Without an alarm. And feeling refreshed! Please, please Whole30, let’s just keep it this way. Because it almost felt like being back in Thailand. Where I woke up by myself before seven everyday. Owing to the fact that I was beyond excited about the adventure ahead and couldn’t wait to try all the new things and of course all the new foods. We honestly didn’t waste any single day on that trip. I should really implement this mindset to my everyday life.

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Applying For Australian Partner Visa – Things To Know

Our Day

As you could read in the Big Step story, almost five years ago I travelled to Canada to gain some new life experiences. Long story short, one year and many adventures later, I happened to come back home with a handsome Australian guy holding my hand. And since we considered our relationship serious, he applied for a Czech partner visa. And then in about 1 month from lodging the application (maximum length to process the application is 60 days), he got the 5 year visa no worries. Of course he still had to provide some document support. But it was nowhere from complicated. Except finding out how to actually apply for the visa, we got help with that from an agent. But otherwise he had everything ready in few days.

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Whole30 Day 16 – Esky And Some Waterfalls

Whole 30 Day 16 - Cedar Creek Waterfalls

I feel pretty good today. I have a great mood. And finally heaps of energy. But of course there has to be something to spoil the greatness. When I’m finally winning over the fatigue, there has to be something else. Changing things from bloody amazing to just good. And that something is a pain in the neck. Literally. Half of my body being stiff and paralyzed by pain. From my neck. Because my new pillow sucks.

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