Whole30 Day 15 – New Monday Routine?

Whole30 Day 15 - Sunshine

Day 15! Which means half way through the Whole30! This is probably the longest I stuck with a “diet” in my life. I know, I know, Whole30 shouldn’t be called diet. It’s a program. Program which should help you to find which food works for you and which doesn’t. It should help you to maintain a better health. But it’s based on food, so it’s quite easy to call it a diet. Right? But for the first time in my life I feel quite good while being on a diet. Especially because I’m not constantly starving. I am (except few occasions) nicely peckish before meals, but not passing out of hunger. And it’s because for the first time in my life I’m following a diet which is consisting of whole foods and which actually encourages you to eat as much (good) food as you need to get full.

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Whole30 Day 14 – Aussies And Barbecue

Whole30 Day 14 - Dinner

So, is it possible to get hangover from Kombucha? Because that’s exactly how I feel today. Dizzy, tired and light-headed, like if I had a little too many drinks. Which I didn’t obviously. Whole30 still on. But feeling all festive last night I knocked off three little bottles of Kombucha. And then had quite a difficult morning today. Well, maybe going to bed at 1 am didn’t help. I should do something about that. But still. I think if I’ll finish this Whole30 I will get drunk after few sips of wine. Now back to water and tea. Well, maybe a bit of Kombucha next weekend. It’s still nice to have the weekends spiced up a bit.

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Whole30 Day 13 – So Much Love

Whole30 Day 13 - Breakfast

Sometimes life is so much easier and nicer when there is someone special to share it with you. Someone who is there supporting you and your silly ideas. And especially when that someone unexpectedly comes home with two beautiful Pandora charms…

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Whole30 Day 12 – Is This Over Yet?

Whole30 Day 12 - Eggplant Lasagna Bolognese

Nothing really interesting happened today. I am tired, hungry and mostly bored. I can’t think about anything else than gluten. How much I would love to have some avocado beautifully arranged on a piece of freshly baked crispy sourdough bread. Probably skipping the avocado. I feel like bread. And cakes. Actually the paleo versions without the gluten would be as good now. Very good. Just any kind of pastry.

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Whole30 Day 11 – Ikea Is A Dangerous Place

Whole30 Day 11, Leek And Sweet Potato Soup

If you are someone who is actually reading this Whole30 journey frequently (thank you), you could notice that last night I was incapable to post my daily summary due to an awful migraine which came from nowhere and set me up for 12 straight hours in bed. Not that there were no signs of headache coming, but this was something I didn’t experience for years. Half way through the dinner (that I was so proud of) I had to leave the table and lie down. Immeasurably sick, unable to even take my clothes off, hoping to fall asleep as soon as possible. Thankfully I did and I’m feeling much better today. Not 100% yet, but definitely not like if someone is trying to crush my head with a huge stone while punching me in my stomach continuously.

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Whole30 Day 10 – More Cooking

Whole30 Day 10, Chicken Korma

Crisis averted. I woke up hungry again. The Peckish Girl is back. Thank God.

Everything is back to normal again. Although I still feel chubbier than before the Whole30. But for some reason it’s not so upseting today. I’m just wearing my new baggy sweater and feeling good. No mood slumps, no fatigue, all being great. I am incredibly lazy though, but that is the normal state. Like usually I plainly had to push myself to do things. And then (like usually) felt great. At least I know these things now.

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Whole30 Day 9 – Is this me?

Whole30 Day 9, City Cat

Something new happened to me today. Something that I was waiting for from the beginning of the Whole30. I was not hungry. I spent the whole day outside and hadn’t really thought about food much. Neither did I have the urge to swallow any Whole30 compliant thing in my immediate proximity. But as much as I was looking forward to the days that I won’t be hungry, I actually didn’t like this feeling when it came. I wasn’t hungry because I felt too full. Without even eating. I didn’t have the taste for something either. Is this it? Did the Whole30 just kill my appetite? Am I going to experience the pleasure of good food ever again?

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Whole30 Day 8 – Crappy Weather And Lots Of Food

Whole30 Day 8, Mushroom and Zucchini Soup

It’s hideous weather in Australia today. For the first time since we arrived a month ago I was a bit cold. It was raining the whole day, outside world being totally unattractive to visit. And on top of everything I ran out of leftovers. That’s just what you need when mother nature is already setting up for a cranky mood. No ready meals on hand. No chocolate to sooth the upset soul. But I’m not giving up so easily. Equipped with conviction (and lots of food in the fridge from my last week shopping trips) I set up myself for a good day in the kitchen, new recipes and happy belly on the horizon.

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Whole30 Day 7 – One Of These Days

I made it through the first week of the Whole30. Hurrayyy! Release the balloons, blow out the confetti… Because I didn’t kill anyone! Nor did I die out of hunger in a shady corner of the house as I really thought at the beginning. I’m not even so grumpy as I expected (most of the time). And I went through the weekend without my glass of white wine without a struggle. This is good. I’m pretty proud of myself already. If it goes like this I might be even able to actually finish this Whole30 thing.

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Whole30 Day 6 – Mixed Feelings

Tom Kha Gai

I’m not sure about how I feel today. I think I went through all the possible emotional stages. Like if puberty happened again. I felt miserable in the morning, even though I woke up after 9 hours of beautiful sleep. Then I felt useless and completely out of focus. Being just moments from feeling great and full of energy. I am quite familiar with the mood swings, but I have to say that this was extreme even for me. I almost teared up watching Guardians of the Galaxy in the forenoon.

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