Applying For Australian Partner Visa – Submitting The Application

Our Day

When I posted the article about Applying For Australian Partner Visa – Things To Know I promised to keep you updated on the other steps of the process as well, especially the actual submitting of the visa while being in Australia already. Because I know it’s quite a pain to figure this whole visa thing out. And how good it is to get some information about it from a real human. And I am happy to say that I can finally do so. Because after fearing that it got lost somewhere in the Atlantic ocean, my police check from Canada finally arrived. So now my application is all finished, submitted and I’m already a proud Bridging Visa holder, waiting for the result on my Temporary Partner Visa (subclass 820).

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What To Do In Bangkok

Jim Thompson's House, Bangkok, Thailand

Don’t get scared away when arriving to Bangkok for the first time. Yes, this city can be a bit overwhelming at the beginning. It’s full of people and even fuller of vehicles of all sorts. There are lots of new smells and flavours, not appealing to everyone at the commencement of the holidays. But if you give it more time, before quickly “escaping” to the islands, you will find yourself in a place that offers so much more than that. And it doesn’t have to be necessarily all about temples either.

So What To Do In Bangkok? Here is a list of my favourite things to do and spots to visit. 

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Chicken Gyros With Tzatziki

Chicken Gyros With Tzatziki

When you go to a Greek restaurant, which are your to go meals? I usually try to taste different foods as much as possible, but if I should pick my favourites, it would definitely be Moussaka, grilled octopus and last but not least Gyros. Chicken lamb or beef, give me all. Preferably as the whole set with some flat bread and Tzatziki too.

Anyway, by now you could probably notice that I am all about creating healhier (paleo-ish) versions of my favourite dishes. That’s why I decided to make a Chicken Gyros With Tzatziki at home as well. And I didn’t even miss on the bread. To draw in the detail I used Coconut Flour Savory Pancakes as the base for all the goodness which I am going to share with you below.

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Whole30 – What To Expect

Whole30 - What To Expect

It’s been slightly over two weeks since I proudly finished the Whole30. So what’s going on now when things are back to normal? And did anything really change in my life?

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Whole30 Day 30 – This Is The End

Whole30 Day 30 - Lunch

Holy crackers, I made it! I didn’t die as I suspected. I survived all the 30 days without grains, dairy, legumes, alcohol and sugar! Instead of that I focused on whole nutrient foods, like meat and veggies, with occasional little treat in form of nuts and fruits. And it wasn’t so bad after all. What seemed really hard at the beginning turned out to be pretty easy over the time. The hunger faded away. The cravings got smaller. And even though I had 3 (sometimes 4) meals a day, I don’t have the urge to eat every 2 hours anymore.

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Whole30 Day 29 – Almost There!

Whole30 Day 29 - Breakfast

OMG, only one more day and I am done with this thing. Oh, and I am ready. I am so ready. Well, not that I’m gonna stuff my face with donuts and fries the first day after this program. But I’m definitely excited about the fact that I won’t have to worry about the little things. And finally – I would be able to eat out! In a restaurant, people! While not making the staff uncomfortable and confused, just ordering from the menu (hopefully) like all the other customers. This is super exciting.

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Whole30 Day 28 – Lazy Sunday

Whole30 Day 28 - Breakfast

Day 28 was probably the laziest from the entire Whole30. I was still bit sick and tired so I just spent all day at home, doing nothing. Well, I actually wrote about the two previous days. Which is a quite an achievement for me due to the condition I was in this whole weekend. And also considering the fact that typing still takes a bit of time for me. I should finally find some course for that. Although I keep talking about it for few years, I’m still using maximum 4 fingers to type, while desperately searching for the letters on the keyboard all the time. I am bit old school in some things, I know.

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Whole30 Day 27 – Apartment Hunt Continues

Whole30 Day 27 - River View

I felt a bit better this Saturday morning, as the flu seemed slowly giving in. And I think it was because I drunk lots of the bone broth, ate balanced meals and relaxed the whole day on Friday. Well ok, maybe it was because I was super excited about going to few inspections of the available apartments I found on Day 25. My body was just brimming with adrenaline. I couldn’t even fell asleep the night before because I was imagining on of these apartments will be our new place. Our home.

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Whole30 Day 26 – Bone Broth Is My Best Friend

Whole30 Day 26 - Lunch

Okay, I know that I’m kinda slacking the daily updates about how the Whole30 changes (or not) my life, as the end of it is coming closer. But just you know I actually had a pretty nice schedule for myself this weekend, including the daily journal, few recipes and a self study. Because I also decided that there is time to learn new things and signed up for an online course. However, you probably know how things work when you have a perfect plan, scheduled to every minute. I was able to post one recipe on the Friday morning (for the delicious Ajvar relish, if you did not notice yet) before I dropped off with a flu.

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Whole30 Day 25 – Concentration

Whole30 Day 25 - Lunch

So today I devoted almost all my time and energy to the new apartment search. Because there just has to be a nice place for us! And that’s about it, not much else really happened today. So I’m sorry if you were looking for some crazy story from Day 25, but everyone has boring days sometimes. Right?
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