Elephant Sanctuaries In Thailand – Pros And Cons

Elephant Sanctuaries In Thailand - Pros And Cons

When going to Thailand, many tourists are excited to see elephants. Maybe even to have an elephant ride… But thankfully the education of the public on this matter is spreading quickly and most travellers know better now. Know that riding an elephant shouldn’t be an option. That even though elephants are such huge animals even a small weight on their back can seriously hurt them. Not even mentioning the practice used by the owners to “tame” the elephants. Like separating babies from the mothers, starving the elephants or using bull hooks to manipulate the animal…
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Why You Should Join A Cooking Class In Thailand

Why You Should Join A Cooking Class In Thailand

You don’t have to be a master chef to join a cooking class in Thailand. You don’t need to have any kitchen skills really. The only thing you’ll need is a love for food.

If you walk through the streets of any Thai town or city and your sensations are dazed by the smells from the small street stalls, you are on a good way to enjoy a cooking class. If your mouth gets watery just thinking about the next exotic dish you are going to try on your travels, you should consider learning how to bring the little adventure home with you. If you wonder what are the names of all the beautiful fresh herbs and spices, you’d most likely enjoy yourself watching how to use them in the traditional cuisine. Only if you don’t like Thai food, I would recommend to skip this experience during your trip. Otherwise, you should definitely give it a try.

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Byron Bay – Where You Can Slow Down (And Maybe Take Your Shoes Off)

Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia

When you say Australia, most of the people in my home country would imagine long sunny beaches and tanned surfers with blond curly hair and bare feet. And even though the reality is in most places a bit different, here in Byron Bay this image certainly comes alive.
Never ending strands of sand and ocean bursting with all the shades of blue. Wild waves and beautiful nature. And people from all over the world, surfers and hippies, as well as families with children and lucky pensioners. All of that and much more, that is Byron Bay.

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Lopburi, Thailand – Welcome To The Monkey City

Lopburi, Thailand

If you are planning to visit Autthaya, you should hop on the train after and make one more stop in this small city near by. Lopburi is an ancient capital and actually one of the oldest towns in Thailand. It’s history going back more than 1000 years back. However nowadays it’s mostly known for a bit different reason than in the history. Lopburi is popular among the travellers because of the cheeky little monkeys sharing the city with humans.

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What To Do In Bangkok

Jim Thompson's House, Bangkok, Thailand

Don’t get scared away when arriving to Bangkok for the first time. Yes, this city can be a bit overwhelming at the beginning. It’s full of people and even fuller of vehicles of all sorts. There are lots of new smells and flavours, not appealing to everyone at the commencement of the holidays. But if you give it more time, before quickly “escaping” to the islands, you will find yourself in a place that offers so much more than that. And it doesn’t have to be necessarily all about temples either.

So What To Do In Bangkok? Here is a list of my favourite things to do and spots to visit. 

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Bangkok, Thailand – What To Expect

Bangkok view

Bangkok. You will most likely love it or you will hate it. There are no more feelings than that for most travellers. Many people told me not to worry about Bangkok when travelling to Thailand and don’t spend too much time there because I won’t like it, as it is busy and chaotic, bustling with people, full of smells and the traffic there is never ending. And they were right about it. Except one fact. I loved it!

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