Applying For Australian Partner Visa – Submitting The Application

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When I posted the article about Applying For Australian Partner Visa – Things To Know I promised to keep you updated on the other steps of the process as well, especially the actual submitting of the visa while being in Australia already. Because I know it’s quite a pain to figure this whole visa thing out. And how good it is to get some information about it from a real human. And I am happy to say that I can finally do so. Because after fearing that it got lost somewhere in the Atlantic ocean, my police check from Canada finally arrived. So now my application is all finished, submitted and I’m already a proud Bridging Visa holder, waiting for the result on my Temporary Partner Visa (subclass 820).

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Applying For Australian Partner Visa – Things To Know

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As you could read in the Big Step story, almost five years ago I travelled to Canada to gain some new life experiences. Long story short, one year and many adventures later, I happened to come back home with a handsome Australian guy holding my hand. And since we considered our relationship serious, he applied for a Czech partner visa. And then in about 1 month from lodging the application (maximum length to process the application is 60 days), he got the 5 year visa no worries. Of course he still had to provide some document support. But it was nowhere from complicated. Except finding out how to actually apply for the visa, we got help with that from an agent. But otherwise he had everything ready in few days.

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