Brussel Sprouts with Bacon and Orange Juice

Brussel sprouts with bacon and orange juice

Do you know anyone who liked brussel sprouts as a kid? Because I seriously can’t think of one single person. I personally used to hate them when I was small. I actually know few people who “can’t do it” even in their adulthood. Which is really sad, because brussel sprouts rock.

Today’s easy recipe covers┬ámy favorite way how to prepare them as a side dish. You can skip the bacon for a lighter version if you want, but who would possibly like to skip bacon?

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Shepherd’s Pie with Swede

Shepherd's Pie with Swede

I had never tried Shepherd’s pie before I went to Canada few years ago. I hadn’t even heard of it. Wait what? Yeah, sounds unbelievable. I know.

But as I just love to try everything new it didn’t take long and I found this fixed star of western cuisine. And totally fell in love with it. With the beautiful simplicity surprisingly combined with lots of flavor. And primarily because I am the biggest fan of fast savory meals and this one just combines it all.

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