Whole30 Day 10 – More Cooking

Crisis averted. I woke up hungry again. The Peckish Girl is back. Thank God.

Everything is back to normal again. Although I still feel chubbier than before the Whole30. But for some reason it’s not so upseting today. I’m just wearing my new baggy sweater and feeling good. No mood slumps, no fatigue, all being great. I am incredibly lazy though, but that is the normal state. Like usually I plainly had to push myself to do things. And then (like usually) felt great. At least I know these things now.


I’m fed up with eggs. But it actually took me longer than I thought. I was giving myself a week before the egg strike comes on board. And I made it two days longer than that, which is pretty impressive because usually I need to switch things up a lot. But as I mentioned a few times already I am not so reliant on the classic breakfast cliche fortunately. I don’t mind having soup for brekky. Or a piece of meat. I actually prefer warm savoury breakfasts over the tasty but not filling things like muesli, croissants and loafs. They are perfect for a breakfast dessert (not on the Whole30 sadly) but not so good as breakfast itself.

Never heard of breakfast dessert? It’s a same thing as if you crave the chocolate lava cake after dinner to give it the perfect finish. Little bowl of yoghurt with fruit is nothing that would satisfy my morning hunger. But to have it after some bacon and eggs for example? Yes, please. Why to be so prime about brekky consisting of one meal? Look at hotel breakfasts, they are just heaven coming true.

Anyway, food dreams aside and back to the Whole30. Because I couldn’t stand eggs anymore I made some hash with pork belly from last night, everything covered in ton of hot sauce and coriander. And then I spoiled myself with a tiny! portion of fruit salad. My Whole30 version of the breakfast dessert.

Whole30 Day 10 - More Cooking, Breakfast


I was so excited to have the leftover Chicken Korma we had for dinner on Monday for today’s lunch. Because it’s honestly the best curry that I’ve ever made. Not exaggerating. And I didn’t even need the yoghurt that classic Korma asks for.

If you are afraid about the Whole30 mainly because you think that the meals consisting of meats and veggies will be boring, I can assure you that there is no need for that worry. Even if you think that you are not creative enough in the kitchen to come up with a compliant meal everyday. There are so many cooking instructions and ideas online (including my recipes, hello) these days. Lots of them including the classics you are used to normally, twisting them to Whole30 compliant. Of course I had to change few things making the classic Korma Whole30 friendly, but that at least make it my unique healthy creation. A delicious one I think. To be completely honest, cauliflower pizza will be never a pizza (it’s still scrumptious, but just different). But some recipes can substitute the ones we are used to without even noticing that they are healthier.

Whole30 Day 10 - More Cooking, Chicken Korma

Anyway, I couldn’t wait to heat my curry this afternoon, as I was comfortably hungry again. I opened the container which James put it in Monday night and froze with complete terror. He put his leftover rice TOGETHER with the curry in one box! Is my own husband trying to sabotage this for me? Is he trying to tell me that I’m going crazy on this program and it’s about time to stop? Or did he just try to have all the curry for himself? Nevertheless, he was lucky. What saved James’s life today was that put the rice only on top of half of the curry. So I scooped mine carefully out, making sure that it didn’t touch the white evil. Not the Whole30 nor my husbands life imperiled today. I might consider my relationship with food though.


As I said, I felt extremely lazy today. And the cold and rainy weather outside wasn’t helping at all. That’s why I decided to stay at home and cook all the different meals and do some food prep. And also do a quick home exercise because I haven’t done anything for few days. 17 minutes of pure hell. I am pretty sure that’s how is the Spartan Bodyweight Workout called. Or maybe it’s Beginner circuit #1. But that doesn’t sound appropriate. Especially the beginner part.

It was my turn in the kitchen tonight and I made another classic with a little twist, this time from my home country. Stuffed peppers. Usually these are made with minced meat mixed with white rice (maybe it is a signal after all) and often served with tomato sauce and bread dumplings. And as much as I love this combination I enjoyed the healthy version with green beans and zucchini noodles just the same.

Whole30 Day 10 - More Cooking, Dinner

Unfortunately I was in the middle of the delicious dinner when a migraine so bad struck me that I could not only finish my plate but to do anything else for the rest of the day. It’s been few years since I had a bad migraine and I almost forgot how helpless can it make me. But as much as I would like to blame the Whole30 for it (it would be the easy solution) I just can’t because this problem is fixed to more things like bad posture, funny loose neck muscles etc. Something the Whole30 can help with if anything. But even though a bit later, it’s all good again and I am able to post the Day 10 feelings.

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