Whole30 Day 11 – Ikea Is A Dangerous Place

If you are someone who is actually reading this Whole30 journey frequently (thank you), you could notice that last night I was incapable to post my daily summary due to an awful migraine which came from nowhere and set me up for 12 straight hours in bed. Not that there were no signs of headache coming, but this was something I didn’t experience for years. Half way through the dinner (that I was so proud of) I had to leave the table and lie down. Immeasurably sick, unable to even take my clothes off, hoping to fall asleep as soon as possible. Thankfully I did and I’m feeling much better today. Not 100% yet, but definitely not like if someone is trying to crush my head with a huge stone while punching me in my stomach continuously.

However as I’ve already said in the previous post, I don’t think this experience has much to do with the Whole30. Maybe the change of diet did some work in the event, but it definitely didn’t cause the migraine itself. I think the biggest problem is my neck and cervical spine. Apparently my neck muscles are really flexible, more than one would need. And on top of that I love to sleep on my stomach, twisting my neck in funny positions. Then over-stretching the stiff muscles, which probably doesn’t help. Even after few years of sleeping in one bed with me, James is still startled how I can plainly get in those sleeping creations. Does anyone there have a similar problem? Or am I being a total weirdo again?

Anyway, after this unpleasant event, I decided that there is need for a better pillow to start with. But pillow hunting is not an easy task to do, trust me. Usually I have to try a few cushions before finally settling for one which supports my neck during the sleep, while being comfortable enough to fall asleep on. No, memory foam doesn’t do that. It’s like trying to fall asleep on concrete. I already tried a fair few of these pillows. Anyway, where else to look for things like pillows and other household equipment than in Ikea, right?


Since I couldn’t enjoy my dinner as much as I would like to and ate only about half of it last night, I chose to finish the delicious Stuffed Peppers with some zucchini noodles and green beans for brekky. And it was not a bad idea, as the breakfast was ready in about 3 minutes and leaving me very satisfied. Dinner for brekky is a great invention, don’t you think?

Whole30 Day 11, Breakfast

After that I finished the fruit salad from yesterday’s morning and was all set to go to Ikea. I had two targets this visit, new pillow (obviously) and a small chopping board. And believe it or not, I actually came home with both of these things (sometimes dazed by the shopping I forget what I actually came for). And about ten other things. James probably knew what’s gonna happen when he unsuccessfully demanded my credit card this morning. This shop just devours you, I swear. So many ideas, so many unnecessary necessities…

Whole30 Day 11, Fruit Salad

But this time I REALLY needed what I purchased. Most of the things were actually kitchen dishes and other utensils. Very needful for this blog. Because I am constantly working on improving my food photography. And how can you make a nice photo of your meal artefact if set on an ugly dish, right? And also considering that we just moved across the globe, leaving the little we possessed behind to our friends and family and will be most likely settling for a little bit, we might eventually need something to eat from. Or cook with. We have literally no belongings. If we couldn’t stay at James’s parents before we find a place we would be pretty much homeless. So as a matter of fact I think we will have to visit Ikea soon again.


I already explained how Ikea can be dangerous by swallowing you in and leaving your wallet empty (thankfully we don’t have children yet, the kids stuff is just too adorable). But what is another threat, especially if you are currently on the Whole30, is the omnipresent food all around. And to torture myself even more I scheduled a visit to the cafe before hitting the shop. Planned on having a black coffee and list through the product magazine to get ideas. I ended up bolting down the coffee in one gulp, almost burning my throat and going through about three fuzzy pages of the magazine, before running out of the restaurant area, never turning back to the golden cinnamon rolls and crispy apricot danishes. Oh, you little gluten-packed, sugar-overfilled, empty-calorie bastards, you were looking really good today.

Whole30 Day 11, Snack

However, setting my mind on the shopping mode, I forgot about the sweets and other incredibly looking banned things for a little while. At least until the purchase left the cash register and I found myself facing the hot dogs and a food shop. Thank you Ikea, this really helps. But being pretty strong (and having my eyes almost closed) I made it through and got only a bottle of water to wash down the mixed nuts I brought as a pre-lunch snack. Making sure that I won’t be over hungry when coming home to the Leek And Sweet Potato Soup I made ahead for today’s lunch. And after all, combination of these two, filled and satisfied me enough for the rest of the afternoon.

Whole30 Day 11, Leek And Sweet Potato Soup


Still feeling a bit average I tested my new pillow for half an hour in the late afternoon. And so far it seems pretty good. Hopefully it will pass the whole night test. I would be really pleased if my neck is normal again.

Anyway, this little nap helped me to feel much better again. In fact I felt so good that I decided to go for a short run before dinner. And I don’t know if I’m already seeing some result or if I just wanna see them, but the breathing seemed a lot easier today. I might try to extend my route the next time.

Whole30 Day 11, Afternoon Run

Dinner consisted of lamb chops and roasted veggies cooked to perfection and completed by some delicious homemade mayonnaise. This food makes me really happy. I hardly noticed the bread staring at me across the kitchen bench, willing to be invited to the party…


2 thoughts on “Whole30 Day 11 – Ikea Is A Dangerous Place

  1. Love reading your daily diary. You shouldn’t be too hard on yourself – it’s pretty damn hard to give up the “sweet” life. Sadly there is sugar in so many foods but most of the artificial sweetener alternatives are disgusting…..at the beginning of the year I made the resolution to ditch the sugar from coffee…just a start I know. Bruce

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