Whole30 Day 12 – Is This Over Yet?

Nothing really interesting happened today. I am tired, hungry and mostly bored. I can’t think about anything else than gluten. How much I would love to have some avocado beautifully arranged on a piece of freshly baked crispy sourdough bread. Probably skipping the avocado. I feel like bread. And cakes. Actually the paleo versions without the gluten would be as good now. Very good. Just any kind of pastry.

I don’t think I had such a big problem with the food and cravings like today since the start of this Whole30. Today I feel completely overpowered by the foods that I can’t have. Even though I am enjoying all the diverse healthy meals everyday, I can’t stop thinking about all the “bad” foods today. And it’s funny because normally, being pretty loyal to paleo/primal sort of diet, I can go without bread for two weeks without even noticing it. I think it’s because normally I know that I can have it whenever I want and that’s enough. And now it’s the forbidden fruit.


James whipped up a quick brekky consisting of veggie and meat leftovers, fine-tuned with a sunny side up. He is so good with taking care of me. Especially when I’m cranky in the morning. No toast in sight though. Not even for himself, although he doesn’t follow the Whole30 rules with me. But he is supporting me a lot. And can also live without bread much easier than me. Lucky guy.

Whole30 Day 12 - Breakfast

Feeling a bit down I decided that today is a good day for manicure. Little colour can go a long way. And a  manicure is pretty good therapy, really. It’s not only about getting your nails trimmed, coloured and pretty. You can also chat with the other women, or on the contrary be able to enjoy a rare quiet moment and some people watching. If you are guessing that I prefer the second one, you are completely right. I don’t like to talk to strangers. Manicurists, stylists, hairdressers, beauticians, they all seem to have this sixth sense, being able to presage who is there for the talk and who likes to be left tongue-tied. And I don’t know anyone who would leave a beauty salon (when everything goes well of course) with a worse mood than the one before walking in.

Well, unfortunately for me, my good mood lasted about five minutes. More accurate until I entered the grocery store and was immediately hit by an intoxicating smell of some kind of raisin buns. I’m not even sure if they were raisin buns as I didn’t have the courage to take a closer look. I just hurried to the meat section, grabbed the chicken livers I needed, and deserted the shop as quickly as possible. Nice try Woolworths. Nice try.


I had the rest of the Leek And Sweet Potato Soup, splashed with good amount of Ranchero Salsa Caliente (so far I tried couple of their sauces and they rock!) and garnished with fresh chopped leeks and alfalfa sprouts. After all the cravings surprisingly a very satisfying clean meal.

Whole30 Day 12 - Lunch

And that’s about it. Nothing exciting happened during the lunch. My life of a house wife is getting pretty boring. I am actually quite excited to get back to work again. Only eight weeks to go before I should be able to legally work in Australia. Yaaay.


I spent the whole afternoon with food prepping, cooking and making pictures of food. And once I will get a bit more organised (maybe in 20 years or so) I will post more recipes, I promise. I was also torturing myself even more, making the bread’s best buddy for tomorrow’s lunch. But I think it would get along with fresh veggies pretty well too. I hope. I’ll let you know tomorrow.

Whole30 Day 12 - Food Prep

Whole30 Day 12 - Something Delicious Coming


Anyway, after all the cooking and other tasks, I was exhausted and very hungry before dinner time came. Luckily I made a popular dish of mine – Eggplant Lasagna Bolognese. This meal is filling, savory and can really cheer me up. And I had only heat it up. So at least something nice happened today.

Whole30 Day 12 - Eggplant Lasagna Bolognese

If you are interested, here are some recipes I managed to post already.

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