Whole30 Day 17 – All About Chicken

I woke up at 6:45 this morning. Without an alarm. And feeling refreshed! Please, please Whole30, let’s just keep it this way. Because it almost felt like being back in Thailand. Where I woke up by myself before seven everyday. Owing to the fact that I was beyond excited about the adventure ahead and couldn’t wait to try all the new things and of course all the new foods. We honestly didn’t waste any single day on that trip. I should really implement this mindset to my everyday life.

I should try to think about every day as a new adventure. Try to spend as much time outside as possible. Doing the things that I love. With the people that I love. Oh my goodness, I feel so optimistic today! I guess this is it. The Tiger Blood everyone on Whole30 is talking about. This is great!


I couldn’t decide what to have for brekky today. But my hesitation was melted away by the second my scrambled eggs wizard said that he is gonna beat some this morning. I couldn’t miss this opportunity. So while James was making the best eggs ever, I simply fried some zucchini, tomato and last beef-kangaroo burger, being cooperative. As I said we are a good team. And this breakfast was down to point.

Whole30 Day 17 - Coffee

As James went back to work after brekky I had the whole day for myself. With nothing really planned but writing a few new posts. And finishing some older ones. I have so many article ideas in my head but it seems like time is just not my best friend. When I have the natural flow, typing with ease, it’s usually interrupted by the real life things. And then when I have all the time I can wish for, my brain is simply fried. Do you also struggle with this? That you feel like doing something badly, but then when you finally have the time for it it’s just not happening? Like being so excited to read the great book in the evening, ending up repeating one page three times because you just can’t concentrate?

Whole30 Day 17 - Breakfast


I actually surprised myself and finished one of the started articles. And than wrote half of another one. I feel indestructible today! The only thing worrying me a bit was the inflammation in my neck/shoulder, still making my whole arm and left part of my upper back stiff and really sore. How could I even do something like this to myself just by a wrong sleep posture? Don’t ask me, I don’t understand either.

However, if there is anyone interested about the process of Australian Partner Visa Application, I posted a new article about what to know before. I hope that you will find it handy. Or at least interesting.

Whole30 Day 17 - Lunch

As I was sitting on the terrace when typing, enjoying the sunny day, I felt like something light for lunch to accomplish the summery feeling. So I made myself a big portion of salad, topped with white cucumber, red capsicum, scallions, chicken, homemade spicy dressing, hot sauce and coriander. And it was a bomb. Salads can be actually quite fun sometimes. At least when topped with enough good things like the ton of mayonnaise dressing and chicken I put on.


Despite the ache of left side of my body I decided to give a try to a short run. And I could barely notice the pain while running. Hopefully I won’t wake up in a rather worse condition tomorrow. Let’s hope that slight movements would in fact help this stubborn pinched nerve or muscle or whatever it actually is.

Whole30 Day 17 - Dinner

But even that slightest movement made me quite peckish before dinner, so I snacked on some amazing jerky James made last night. And I had fairly hard time to control myself and not to eat the whole batch. But because it’s around a kilo of pure (only marinated) beef and because I knew green curry is coming, I actually stopped shovelling them down my throat after only few pieces. Self-control, people. And although dinner consisted of chicken again I didn’t mind at all. Because 1) I didn’t have to cook 2) it was bloody delicious.

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