Whole30 Day 2 – Thank The World For Bananas

I made it till morning. I honestly can’t remember a night when I would go to bed this hungry. It took me a while to focus my mind on something else and finally fell asleep. Am I really snacking that much so I don’t feel hungry normally? I mean, I do usually eat about five meals a day, but they are quite small, you know? Man, is this Whole30 thing already doing something to my body after one day or is it just in my head?

Anyway, I woke up 6:30 this morning, my empty stomach not letting me to go back to sleep. But I love to sleep! I need my sleep! Even if I go to bed early I don’t wake up before seven normally. I sincerely hope this early crappy awakening is not going to be a staple during the month.


I had plenty of the Beetroot and Sweet Potato Hash left, so at least no excessive energy was needed in the kitchen this morning. Like that I decided to leave thinking for another day and just have the same brekky as on the Day 1 (fried free-range eggs with the hash on top of baby spinach). In effect I got a bit passionate and topped everything with a little bit of avocado. Fancy. I had to make a picture.

Beetroot and Sweet Potato Hash

After half and hour and few average pictures later I realised that I should better eat or I will most likely pass out. But wonder of wonders, everything on my plate was stone cold. So I tossed it back to the pan (except the avo) and warmed it together, ending up eating sauteed spinach and veg and almost hard cooked eggs. But it was tasty. I was very hungry.

Also I tried to add coconut milk in my French Press this morning. I didn’t have it for a while, because my stomach just didn’t wanna befriend it at one point. Seemed fine today. But I think I will leave the coconut milk out of the brekky game anyway, it just drowned the coffee. Where are the days I could have staff-price espresso. Adjusting I guess.


I was starving at 10:15. How is that even possible? This morning I ate so much that I almost made myself sick. And just a couple of hours later, on the way to our lovely day at Gold Coast, I wanted to chew on a door handle in our car. This is definitely in my head. I just can’t be that hungry.

Thank the world for bananas. I just realised that I tossed one in my bag for an emergency. I’m calling it. This is an urgent situation.

Surfers Paradise

Did I say a lovely day? Well, we enjoyed the sun and the surf a lot. I actually got pretty loose and let myself almost waist-high in the water. Australian waves are scary, ok? But then the fun begun. James lost a thong. One. Just leaving it at the parking lot. Don’t ask me, I don’t know how is it possible to loose one flip flop. After that, just when he was walking in City Beach bare feet, I found out that I lost my Fitbit. I guess it’s fifty-fifty for us today. Although I did insist on going back to the parking, finding the poor lonely shoe waiting there for us.

Gold Coast

Definitely time for lunch. Definitely a big lesson for us about meal planning when going out for the day. Young and naive, we simply thought about buying SOMETHING in a grocery store. Well, that something meant a carrot and nuts for today’s lunch. That is as good as we could get. But c’mon, it’s only day two. I can do this.

Whole30 Day 2

Whole30 Day 2 Nuts









Thank the world for bananas. I know, you shouldn’t opt for fruit so much on Whole30. And try not to snack between the meals. But I swear I wouldn’t make it to the dinner table if there was not this energy packed miracle of nature.

But I don’t have to cook tonight. My hubby’s dad is serving an amazing beef brisket for everyone. I am a very happy girl.

Beef Brisket

Oh and did I mention that I am on Twitter now? Just have to work that thing out…

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