Whole30 Day 5 – Cake Dreams

I’m not gonna lie. I spent most of the day 5 of Whole30 thinking about cakes, slices and all the other scrumptious baked goodies. Oh, like my (pretty healthy!) Chocolate Raspberry Muffins. They could be my best friend today. Anyway, it all started last night, when I went to the cupboard for my delicious lemongrass and ginger tea. Which my loving husband got for me – thankfully the tea problem averted for some time. And then, not even noticing it there ever before, a muesli bar fell out on me. Literally just jumped out of the cabinet. My question is – is the universe giving me some signals?

After that I couldn’t get my mind away from sweets. But just the good, baked ones, you know? Certainly better than a muesli bar. One could almost say health beneficial. Well, maybe for the mental health at least. Yesterday I went to bed visualising all the rich flavours of the crumbly homemade delicacies. Then dreaming about them at night. Just to wake up with a sweet and fastidious tooth. Predestined for a hard day.


One thing which really works for my cravings a lot is to eat something rich in flavours and structure and make sure I am really full. After that the craving usually at least weakens if anything. So I was aware that I have to make myself some savoury nutritional breakfast this morning. And better to be fast. So I reached for eggs, making a scramble, escort them with roasted veggies from last night and some rucola to fill in the green part of the plate. Splashing everything with a generous volume of Franks Red Hot. Successfully setting mind off the sweets for some time.

Whole 30 Day 5, Breakfast


It’s funny how small the world is. Today I made first contact with a stranger. Like if she had read what I wrote couple days ago about my introverted self. And by all the odds this lovely lady was pretty much my home country neighbour. She moved to Auss from Linz in Austria. Which happens to be literally down the road from my home. While I was waiting for a bus she asked me for the directions. Not only that I knew it (finally getting my bearings of this place), but I actually talked back to her. To a total stranger. Getting better in this whole social thing. So we filled the waiting time with a nice conversation about moving to a different country and about the stupendous Australian weather (it was still snowing in Europe a couple days ago).

Since the sweet visions overhauled my mind again I’ve decided to get out of the house and explore a local shopping centre. Not a bad way how to get distracted from food cravings either. Except the wallet might suffer a bit from this one. However, that’s how I happened to be sitting in a bus stop talking to strangers. That’s also how I got a few odd looks later, when I unpacked my homemade lunch and snacked on it on a bench, halfway thru the shopping. I guess box lunches are not cool enough in these places.

Whole 30 Day 5, Lunch

Because I got my lesson the second day of the Whole30, I packed myself with leftover of the Cauliflower Fried Rice and kangaroo Ginger Meatballs. Which is great, because both of these things just taste as good when cold. And to make the lunch even more filling I added an apple and savoury oven roasted mixed nuts. Full and happy I could finish my shopping and get a coffee and even do some blog work.

Whole 30 Day 5, Coffee


Ok, my shopping was mostly about food again. Although I did buy some girly things too, I was probably more cheered about some food and drink discoveries. I found a tasty Kombucha (yet pretty expensive here guys, that’s not very fair). Then a big bunch of coriander for 1 Dollar! And a shrimp paste which could possibly substitute fish sauce in cooking (still haven’t found one without sugar). And at last real fresh galangal! So cool. I was so happy about these quarries that I couldn’t care less about the cookies and doughnuts I was passing. Well, maybe I’ve spotted them with the corner of my eye. But honestly didn’t crave them as much as in the morning.

Whole 30 Day 5, Kombucha

Because of the successful shopping I had a clear idea about tonight’s dinner. Tom Kha Gai. Thai chicken soup with coconut milk. Extremely delicious and creamy soup, yet light and healthy. I think that while visiting Thailand in March I got addicted to their food. So I am trying to remake some of my favourite recipes (I learned a fair bit in Siam Rice Thai Cookery School in Chiang Mai, definitely recommend this place if you ever go that direction – it was one of the best things we did). And let me tell you, I did pretty well for a Whole30 version.

Whole 30 Day 5, Shrimp Paste


I just realised now when writing, that I didn’t make any proper photo at all today. I promise I will try better tomorrow. Have a good night, I’m probably gonna dream about a slice of Chocolate Banana Protein Loaf.

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