Whole30 Day 7 – One Of These Days

I made it through the first week of the Whole30. Hurrayyy! Release the balloons, blow out the confetti… Because I didn’t kill anyone! Nor did I die out of hunger in a shady corner of the house as I really thought at the beginning. I’m not even so grumpy as I expected (most of the time). And I went through the weekend without my glass of white wine without a struggle. This is good. I’m pretty proud of myself already. If it goes like this I might be even able to actually finish this Whole30 thing.

I also think that the tiger blood might be here already. Is that possible? Even though I am staying late every night to write this journal I’m not so tired anymore. At least not today. I went to bed almost at 1 am, woke up at 7 am and I’m not that weary and cranky as I would usually be. Just really hungry but that’s nothing surprising. And considering that almost everything I planned today went totally wrong I am doing pretty well. I didn’t loose it one single time.


Since I planned to go to the city quite early (for me) in the morning, I needed something fast and easy to digest for today’s brekky. That’s why I whipped up a super simple Mushroom and Zucchini Soup already last night. Then just reheated and topped it with a boiled egg this morning and Bang! healthy breakfast was on the table in matter of minutes. Did I mention that I am a soup girl? I LOVE soups. They are so versatile, easy to make and usually very healthy, because you can just pack them with veggies and other nutrient foods. Perfect to make ahead to have a quick meal on hand. And in the winter there is nothing better than a good hot soup on a cold day.

Whole30 Day 7, Breakfast

Anyway, after this easy but satisfying meal I was ready for my day in the city. I went to the Queensland Museum and like the other kids there learned a lot of new things. At least that’s how I probably looked like, gasping loudly at every second exhibition. Did you know that there are also tree and tiny rat kangaroos? They are pretty cute. Same as possums, which actually seems much smaller than I would expect. Considering the noise they make almost every night running across the roof, I would think they have to be at least the same size as a farm pig, with the same coordination skills. Aren’t these animals supposed to be pretty deft and quiet? They’re surely fast but it really sounds like a hog with her piglets running above our heads.


Just before lunch my plans started to melt away and my patience and temper were tested for the first time for the day. After a nice time in the museum I sat in the cafe and wrote for a good hour, forgetting the time and going with the flow. And then then the internet connection crushed… And NOTHING I wrote got saved. Nothing at all. But surprisingly I stayed calm. I didn’t even swear much. I just packed my things and went to the park to have some lunch. Is this still me? I am amazed.

Whole30 Day 7, Coffee Break
Coffee Break

And I had the most picturesque lunch spot this Sunday. I sat in the shade of a rainforest, enjoying the sound of the rustling exotic plants and murmuring water, overlooking a stunning Nepalese timber pagoda. All of that in the middle of the city. Brisbane is pretty amazing in this. Even the simple salad with boiled eggs tasted outstanding in this backdrop.

Whole30 Day 7, Lunch

But since I am still not comfortable enough to drive by myself, I am dependent on the public transport and had a bus to catch. Because later on I couldn’t avoid a long wait for a connecting transport and wouldn’t be home early enough to do an exercise and some food prep as I had planned. Well, if you are guessing that I took the wrong bus, spending twice as much time on the route because it went through all the suburbs and missing the connection, you are totally right. I came home two and a half hours later, starving and with no desire to do anything at all. But the good mood didn’t leave me even after that. Not even after spending more money on food in Woolworths while waiting for the connecting bus. As usually I enjoyed the food shopping.

Whole30 Day 7, Rainforest


For the first time in the week I had to have one more small meal during the day. After all salad and egg is not the most filling lunch. What a surprise, right? So I had some tin mussels and a dragon fruit, keeping my energy and mood to the point.

Whole30 Day 7, Dinner

But thankfully I didn’t have to anything else for the day. My husbands parents are the best and made pork chops and veggies for everyone. I am really considering the apartment hunt being moved for later again.

Whole30 Day 7, Wedding Magic
With marriage magic can happen


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