Whole30 Day 9 – Is this me?

Something new happened to me today. Something that I was waiting for from the beginning of the Whole30. I was not hungry. I spent the whole day outside and hadn’t really thought about food much. Neither did I have the urge to swallow any Whole30 compliant thing in my immediate proximity. But as much as I was looking forward to the days that I won’t be hungry, I actually didn’t like this feeling when it came. I wasn’t hungry because I felt too full. Without even eating. I didn’t have the taste for something either. Is this it? Did the Whole30 just kill my appetite? Am I going to experience the pleasure of good food ever again?

Well, I think at least the sweet tooth is all good. While buying coffee with James at Seven Eleven (a dollar people!) this forenoon, we were almost forced to stare at these Nutella Donuts. Which are also advertised on the TV constantly, thank you very much. And I have to admit, they do look good. I could imagine a very detailed scene where I am stuffing one of these in my face in couple of seconds.


James (having a day off) got up earlier than me, which meant that I didn’t have to make breakfast. What a great start to the day. Brekky just taste so much better when someone else makes it for you, don’t you think? Scrambled eggs, sweet potato hash and sauteed spinach. I couldn’t wish for anything better. If cooking was on me today, we would probably go hungry as I don’t even know what I feel like (ok, except of the doughnut, that would do).

Whole 30 Day 9, Breakfast


We spent all day being complete tourists, James visiting many places after years and me exploring the new home. For example the Cathedral of St Stephen or Brisbane City Hall (as you could see in my Instagram feed or on Facebook). And I am in love with this place. It doesn’t feel like a big city. There is a nice mix of architecture, old and new, still leaving enough space for the nature, providing it’s citizens with plenty of beautiful hiding spots.

Whole30 Day 9, St Stephen

But despite the fact that we walked a lot and I’m so tired that I can hardly think and type now, I didn’t get hungry through the day at all. My stomach was bloated and funny and it felt as if i had a big dumpling in my throat the whole afternoon. While feeling great mentally, I think the effects of the Whole30 are influencing my body after all. I really hope that this is one of the adjusting stages.

Whole30 Day 9, Lunch

However, this (hopefully temporary) loss of appetite had some positive impacts on my life too. Since neither of us was actually hungry enough, we settled for the originally emergency travel food and had an apple and roasted mix nuts for lunch. Which meant that we saved money on the planned restaurant visit (so we could spend it moments later on new clothes). I think it’s a huge waste to go to the restaurant when you don’t really feel like eating. Leaving the poor staff speculating if the food is good enough because you are just poking your fork in the food thoughtlessly. Or worse, eating everything on the plate just because you are in a restaurant and there is a food in front of you. Ehm, not that I’m doing that.

Whole30 Day 9, Shopping

But unfortunately the clothes shopping was where my today’s high spirits got beaten in a very short moment. Once I stepped to the changing rooms I didn’t like what I could see. Did I just get fatter over night? Am I actually fleshing out on the Whole30? As already said once today, I really hope that this is just one of the adjusting stages. Nevertheless, I left the shop with a baggy sweater and loose top. Just in case.


I am exhausted. It feels like we walked through few states and not just the Brisbane city centre. I am hardly keeping my eyes open to write this journal. Thankfully I didn’t have to worry about dinner though. And finally after the whole day I got peckish and excited about the pork belly and roasted veggies with homemade mayo which was served tonight. That was delicious.

Whole30 Day 9, City Cat

Now I’m just going to crawl on all four to the bed and hope that tomorrow the mirror will be on my side.


Are you also on this May Whole30 journey? What are your thoughts so far? I would love to know. 

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